Snow Camp 2015

Friday January 16th – Monday January 19th

Camp Fair Haven Brooks Maine

Cost: $55.00 per person


Things to Bring to SNOW CAMP

Clothing: Shorts (for gym time), t-shirts, jeans, pajamas, socks, underwear, and

sweat shirt, winter coats, hat, mittens and snow boots

Shower/daily hygiene: Soap, shampoo, towel, and wash cloths, brush, tooth brush,

tooth paste, deodorant Ladies please note:

There will be little time to beauty treatments so keep it simple: no curling irons or strengtheners

Sleeping bag and blanket, pillow, stuffy if necessary

Bible, pen or pencil notebook, and Camera, card and board games

Snow sleds, skis, and or snow boards

If bringing a cell phone (charger) please be respectful of any rules that will be given when you arrive at camp

Snow camp 2015 packets: Snow-Camp-Packet.pdf

Please call Becki Quimby @ 577-7100 or with any questions.