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“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

Our Mission

The mission of Nazarene Youth International is to call our generation to a dynamic life in Christ.

Our Members

Membership in the Nazarene Youth International includes all persons participating in Nazarene youth ministry who choose to embrace our stated vision and values.

Our Values

* We value Young People … significant in the kingdom
* We value the Bible … God’s unchanging truth for our lives.
* We value Prayer … vital interactive communication with our heavenly father.
* We value the Church … a global holiness community of faith, diverse in culture but one in Christ.
* We value Worship … life-changing encounters with an intimate God.
* We value Discipleship … a lifestyle of becoming like Christ.
* We value Community … building relationships that help bind us together and to God.
* We value Ministry … extending God’s grace to our world.
* We value Witness … sharing God’s love in word and deed.
* We value Holiness … a work of grace where God, through the working of his Holy Spirit, enables us to live a life representing Christ in who we are and in everything we do.

Our Guiding Principles

NYI exists for youth

Nazarene Youth International exists to attract, equip, and empower young people for service in the kingdom of God and to facilitate their integration into the Church of the Nazarene

NYI focuses on Christ

Christ is central to who we are, the Word of God our authoritative source for all we do, and holiness our pattern for life.

NYI is built on relational ministry to youth in the local church

Effective ministry to young people in the local church is critical to the health and vibrancy of NYI. Relationships and incarnational ministry from the foundation for Nazarene youth ministry, guiding young people toward spiritual maturity in Christ.

NYI develops and mentors young leaders

NYI provides opportunities for emerging leaders to develop and utilize their gifts within an environment of nurture and support, assuring strong leadership for the Church of the Nazarene. Leadership training, accountability, and mechanisms for evaluation and modification of ministry are vital functions of NYI.

NYI is empowered to lead

Relevant youth ministry requires that responsibility for ministry and organizational decisions reside with NYI leadership and the appropriate governing bodies at every level. A sense of belonging and ownership, a passion for service, and input in decision-making are key ingredients for the empowerment of young people through NYI.

NYI embraces unity and diversity in Christ

NYI is committed to understanding and celebrating differences and diversity in language, color, race, culture, socioeconomic class, and gender. Our difference do not diminish unity but enhance our potential and effectiveness. Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in culturally relevant ways must always be an high priority.

NYI creates networks and partnerships

A climate of cooperation characterizes our relationships at every level of NYI. Networking within the church enhances the development and deployment of young people for service; NYI actively participates in such cooperative endeavors.

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