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Whether you’ve just been elected the NYI president against your will or served students for 60 years, the General NYI Ministry Charter can be a great resource for organizing effective student ministries in the local church.

NYI Charter and Ministry Plans

Minutes from Council Meeting

November 7, 2015 Meeting 2015-11-07 Maine NYI Minutes

May 02, 2015 Meeting  2015-05-02 Maine NYI Minutes

2015 Convention Minutes  Minutes from NYI Convention 03-06-2015

November 11, 2014 Meeting  2014-11-07 Maine NYI Minutes

September 13th, 2014 Meeting 2014-09-13 Maine NYI Minutes

May 15th, 2014 Meeting 2014-05-15 Maine NYI Minutes

March 10th, 2014 Meeting 2014-03-10 Maine NYI Minutes

Get Connected

There is a lot of activity going on, and you can get connected with others using the external sites below.

Event Calendar – Google Calendar
Facebook Page –



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